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Monday , 17 June 2024

Scope of AWS in India

Are you hunting for a job role that gets you the highest package? You’re on the right page that gets you complete details about the golden opportunity career path. Have you ever heard about the amazon web services certification? The course is a stepping stone that drags you to an in-demand job opportunity. Before we know the scope, let us dig into the AWS course and its associated job opportunities.

What is AWS certification?

Amazon web service or AWS is a powerful cloud service platform incorporated globally by many individuals and businesses. While discoursing about AWS, it slots everywhere, rendering various services.

AWS’s few services include database, storage, developer tools, migration, machine learning, content delivery, application integration, management tools, identity compliance, business integrity, media services, customer engagement, game development, etc.

AWS supports a safe, extensible, and low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud. AWS has a wide range of application services and big data analytics. The AWS certification helps graduates and job seekers learn skills that help in managing and designing software solutions on Amazon’s cloud platform.

AWS certification stands as a gold standard certification that results in incredible career opportunities in cloud computing.

The AWS certification course covers areas of operation, architecture, and development and offers an approach in three levels: foundational, associate, and professional. The types of AWS certification courses are

  • AWS certified developer – Associate
  • AWS certified cloud practitioner
  • AWS Certified SysOps administrator- associate
  • AWS certified solutions architect.

What does an AWS-certified professional do?

With an AWS certification, there are ample job roles available to work in many sections of the cloud platform. After completing the AWS certification course, a cloud architect takes responsibility for managing the business’s cloud computing architecture.

They work on the review of workload architecture, cloud migration initiatives, and assisting the organization in dealing with high-risk issues. These certified professionals possess the training to handle business and technical aspects of cloud computation.

AWS certification growth

Job aspirants thinking about the growth of AWS should take a look at the highlights that makes AWS the best course for fresh graduates and professionals.

  • According to the State cloud report, 80%of certified AWS professionals receive high salaries.
  • As per reports from Global knowledge, IT pros with added skills and knowledge associated with cloud get a raise of $12000 to 13000.
  • Reports reveal that about 52% experienced an expansion in career after cloud certifications.

AWS certification is an esteemed and highly growing field in cloud computing that faces tremendous growth due to the expansion of eCommerce. The above is the most successful career path that owes a bright future for anyone pursuing the course. A career in cloud computing is always the best option with iconic features and pushes the individual to great heights.

AWS scope in future

AWS is the hottest technical certification that offers better job opportunities and is always in high demand. Giant techies are hunting for highly skilled cloud computing professionals with AWS certification. The state cloud report reveals that 82% of cloud managers expect AWS certification from candidates.

87% of hiring managers look for AWS certification and experience from candidates applying for a job. Do you know that cloud computing professionals, especially those with AWS certification, are increasing in demand? If you have an overarching question about AWS’s future, the above details reveal that AWS-certified professionals owe a bright and prosperous future.

AWS is the highest-paid salary with six digits and the most demanded job. Hence pursuing a career in AWS needs no chaos. Start your career by enrolling in an AWS certification course and get the best job with the best pay.

Careers with AWS

The AWS or Amazon web services are an entry point for graduates, professionals, and job seekers looking for high-paying jobs. Those facing rough times can switch to AWS as job opportunities are vast for skilled professionals. While taking a peek into the career options, AWS offers ample job roles with numerous certifications. Take a look at the top IT job roles with AWS certification.

  • AWS cloud architect
  • Cloud developer
  • SysOps administrator
  • Cloud DevOps engineer
  • Cloud purchase manager and sales
  • Key cloud account manager
  • Cloud software engineer
  • AWS networking specialist
  • AWS systems integrator
  • AWS big data specialist

So, the career options by choosing AWS are endless, and hence graduates and job seekers have a bright career with AWS certification.

Salaries for AWS in India

Candidates choosing AWS as their career option have a bright path in terms of salary and the progress in the career path they choose. Reports state that AWS salary in India starts with INR 6 07,000 per annum and may escalate as high up to INR 1,537000 with experience, location, company profile, and skillset. The Payscale varies for every job role in AWS, such as

Cloud developer- INR 700000

AWS cloud architect- INR 920000

DevOps engineer- INR 660000

AWS SysOps administrator- INR 400000

Cloud software engineer- INR 700000

Future of AWS

AWS has grasped a significant position and played a vital role in the IT industry in just a short period. Amazon web services certified professionals are ranked as the highest and top IT job holders. 2020 Forbes has revealed that 83% of all business workloads will be in the cloud, and hence the future for AWS is bright without a doubt. Professionals have tremendous job opportunities and are sure to hit the jackpot by choosing the AWS profession.

Who mandates an AWS course?

For a candidate desiring to excel, the AWS certification exam mandates sound knowledge of IT solutions and services and the ways utilized in AWS. Six months of work experience in AWS cloud in managerial, technical, purchase, sales, and financial roles. Hence proper research and a good understanding of AWS help in completing AWS.


The prominent certification courses offered by AWS render a solid foundation for young professionals in cloud computing. An AWS certification tags the candidate as a capable individual in deploying and designing cloud architecture. The above accreditation offers recruiters trust and confidence in the candidate’s skills towards cloud computing.

However, the AWS certification course helps aspirants master the core skills necessary for deployment, design, and other aspects with AWS. Successful completion of the course takes you to greater heights in the IT field.

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