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Monday , 17 June 2024

Scope of Artificial Intelligence in India

The driverless cars that move from one place to the other, the Google assistant that offers answers for all queries symbolizes an innovation in technology like artificial intelligence. If you desire to choose artificial intelligence as your career option, you have made the best choice in your career.

Artificial intelligence has witnessed remarkable growth in current years. The scope for artificial intelligence is gaining ground in India as innovative solutions are mandatory in all major domains such as business, agriculture, hospitality, infrastructure, healthcare, finance, education, banking, cyber security, transport, entertainment, manufacturing, etc. Before we dive into detail about artificial intelligence and its scope, let us know more aspects of AI.

What is Artificial intelligence?

AI or artificial intelligence is a massive computer science division that makes innovative, intelligent systems for carrying out business tasks. With AI, machines imitate human behavior like decision-making and interpretation capabilities.

The above, interdisciplinary science arrives with various approaches and advancements, which proves beneficial with neural networking, deep learning, natural language processing, machine learning algorithms, etc. With the assistance of AI-embedded AL algorithms, machines interact with their surroundings. Let us discuss the job role of AI professionals.

What does an AI professional do?

Being the most in-demand technology, AI professionals work in various domains. The job task AI professionals do, depends on the job role they work for.

  • The AI professional create AI models and define the benefits to the world.
  • With surveys, interactions, personal data, data collection, etc., understand the business’s needs.
  • Transform machine code to API or application program interface for better AI operations.
  • Automate any chore that mandates cognitive thinking and data processing.
  • Conduct statistical analysis and transforms results into human language.
  • AI professionals control and advance existing AI models for better outputs.
  • Examine the administrative capabilities and develop models as required by the businesses.

Artificial intelligence growth

The career outlook for artificial intelligence is tremendous where the bureau of statistics reveals a shocking 31.4% increase in job roles by 2030 for AI professionals. Moreover, Forbes estimated that machine learning jobs would shoot to 40%, worth $31 billion by 2024.

Apart from the above shreds of evidence, the world economic forum surveys and reports state that many job opportunities will be available across various domains in the coming years. AI-certified professionals, well-trained from recognized universities or training institutes, are ones traveling towards a bright future.

Artificial intelligence scope in future

The scope for artificial intelligence in the future is bright, especially in India, as many businesses are switching to AI automation. Apart from many industries, the aviation and medical industry also have incorporated AI for better services. Since AI renders exceptional results compared to humans, there is a slash in business cost in the long run.

The logistics industries have also incorporated the automation of vehicles in their operations for rapid business operations. The future scope for artificial intelligence is bright as many start-ups for AI would escalate, paving the way for better AI opportunities. Moreover, India hunts for talented AI professionals as all businesses need AI experts.

Data analytics has been a significant boom in firms and businesses, which mandates AI professionals for the speed and accuracy of the data analytics process. Stakeholders and investors invest more in AI start-ups leading to a bright future for AI professionals.

Careers in AI

There is no doubt that there are a plethora of job opportunities waiting for certified AI professionals. The hype for artificial intelligence jobs escalates in India as businesses adapt to new AI technologies. Medical fields are making wonders by diagnosing deadly diseases with AI technologies.

Creating realistic voice-overs in minutes is possible with AI, and hence content creators incorporate AI in their chores. In such a way, AI is making history and easing the work of businesses in all fields. The career option for AI is bright as ample job roles are waiting for AI professionals.

For starting a career in AI, the individual should register for an AI course in any institute or training center. Such studies help students to get into automation and machine learning. Enthusiasts also better understand familiar methods, machine learning algorithms, and more automation techniques. Hence learning AI and passing out in flying colors as a certified professional is an added point for recruiting top companies.

Salaries for AI professionals in India

With the advancement in data science, artificial intelligence is a hot topic in India and across the globe. As AI is taking giant leaps, many institutions engage specific courses for artificial intelligence.

While discussing the salary, AI fresh professionals in India earn INR 600000 annually. Since AI is a highly-demanding professional role, top companies like flip kart, Amazon, Google, etc., pay 1200000 INR annually based on their expertise and skillset. Professionals with two to four years of expertise earn about 7 to 20 lakhs INR annually. 30 to 50 lakhs INR annually is the pay scale for professionals with 5+ years of experience.

Future of artificial intelligence

The future for artificial intelligence in India is promising as automobile, manufacturing, IT, banking, etc., leverage the expertise of artificial intelligence. The job opportunities of AI are escalating 74% annually.

New technologies such as big data, pattern recognition, machine learning, self-improving algorithms, and more shape the future of AI. Almost all industries will incorporate AI in business operations in the coming years. Hence AI has a massive potential to grow in India.

Who mandates an artificial intelligence course?

Artificial intelligence is an advanced and specialized course, and hence in-depth knowledge of mathematics and computer science is essential. Any individual with a bachelor’s degree in computer science with math in the curriculum can start their career in artificial intelligence. It will be an added benefit if students possess immense knowledge in programming languages, computer fundamentals, linear algebra, machine learning algorithms, logic, calculus, and more.


The advancement in artificial intelligence is vast, and hence students must prepare themselves to score better in the course. AI and machine learning are making tremendous wonders in all industries, opening opportunities for future talents.

Ample institutes and centers are offering artificial intelligence courses in India. The student’s responsibility is to research and find the best institute that offers artificial intelligence courses for a better future.

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