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Monday , 17 June 2024

Scope of Data Science in India

For techies desiring to grasp the best job in the IT industry, stay on the page and keep scrolling down. We all must be aware of data science as it is the buzzword in the IT industry today. Data science has become an obligatory aspect of businesses and industries today with loads of data ruling technology. The demand for certified data professionals is high due to the growth and intricacy of data in companies. Let us run through essential aspects of data science and its scope in India.

What is Data Science?

The responsibility to gather, store, separate, and analyze data that work for businesses is valuable for making a few data-based decisions and is called data science. Skilled computer professionals well-trained in handling data take up data science roles.

Data science experts are proficient professionals specializing in digging up data from data sources, finding related queries, storing the data, transforming the data into solutions, and acting with the data to retrieve the output. The significance of collecting data is the utmost priority as organizations regulate and form trends in businesses.

What does a data scientist do?

Data scientists work in close relation with business stakeholders for achieving their goals with the help of data. Data scientists develop algorithms and create data modeling and enhanced predictive models to analyze and extract data mandatory for the business. Though every project is dissimilar, data scientists follow a usual protocol as given.

  • Data scientists detect the data-analytics issues that pave the way for better opportunities for organizations.
  • Determining the accurate variables and data sets.
  • Gathering large sets of unstructured and structured data from different sources.
  • Clean and validate the data to make sure the data is accurate, uniform, and complete.
  • A deep analysis of the data to know the trends and patterns.
  • For large volumes of data mining, devising and applying algorithms and models is a part of their job role.
  • Data scientists use visualization and other means to acknowledge findings with stakeholders.
  • Interpretation of data to know the opportunities and solutions.

Data science growth

Data in large volumes will indeed govern the 21st century, and hence data science takes heed in the coming years. With disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, smartphones, IoT devices, big data analytics, digital media platforms, quantum computing, and blockchain taking positions in industries, pushed data science is essential.

The influence of data science stands massive amongst many sectors such as healthcare, marketing, advertising, airlines, banking and insurance, VR, AR, automobile industry, and more. As businesses switch towards artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning, big data has increased demand.

Data science scope in future

The scope for data science is escalating each year as the world has transformed itself into a digitalization age. Reports reveal that about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are developed every day. Such abundant data growth has led to the demand for data science professionals each year. The influence of data science across multiple sectors such as healthcare, eCommerce, transport, etc., led to handling a massive amount of data. Hence trained data science professionals to take up the leading roles in businesses.

India evidences quick digitization of services and businesses, standing as the second hub in the whole world for data science. Researchers have also pointed out that about 11 million job openings will be available in 2026. Hence there is a vast scope for data scientists in India in the future.

Careers in data science

Being the cutting edge job sector, educated and well-trained data science professionals are in need in every job sector. Giant companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Google hunt for proficient data science professionals to handle large amounts of data.

There are ample data science careers penned down that high score demand in top companies. Few data science job roles include machine learning engineer, data scientist, applications architect, machine learning scientist, data architect, enterprise architect, data engineer, infrastructure architect, statistician, business intelligence developer, and data analyst.

For each job role, the responsibility as a data science professional varies. Appropriate training from the best university with practical knowledge is mandatory to shine as the best data science engineer.

Salaries for data science professionals in India

When it comes to salary, data science professionals enjoy an attractive package. Rs 698 412 is the annual package for a data scientist. Making 5,00,000 per year is possible if you’re an entry-level data scientist. With expertise, company, and job role, the salary for a data scientist varies.

According to the India talent trends report 2021, data science professionals owing an experience of 3 to 10 years gain an annual salary of about 25 to 65 lakh, and ones with more experience get up to one crore. Deloitte, HP, Walmart, Accenture,, IBM, Flipkart, Amazon pay best for data science professionals.

Future of Data science

The recent years, the data input has escalated to an exponential rate. With tons of data creeping into data centers, more opportunities for data science have sprouted out. Technological advancement has led to digitalization, leading to digital transformation and more data science job roles.

Glassdoor has tagged data science as the top job in major countries, and hence data science job roles are the best career option to choose. The future of data science is bright and perfect to opt for.

Who mandates a Data science course?

The hottest career option, data science, doesn’t look for a specific degree. An industry-relevant certification from a recognized training institute is ample. Experience and a good grip over data science make an individual a good data science professional.

Top companies look for a few basic requirements to survive as data scientists, as given below.

  • Possessing an undergraduate degree in computer science stream
  • Adequate business knowledge
  • Sound knowledge and hands-on experience on software and program such as Hadoop, Python, SQL, Pig, etc.
  • Adequate knowledge and understanding of mathematics and algorithms.
  • Sound leadership qualities to work as a leader and lead the business to success.


Data science has witnessed a massive hike in recent years. All businesses are turning towards big data, ML, AI, and the data scientists market. Data science has eased lives with online fund transactions, online shopping, monitoring aspects at the workplace or home, etc. Data science is the best option for professionals looking for better career options in the IT domain. Partner with the best training institute for a data science course and enter the top companies as data science professionals.

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