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Monday , 17 June 2024

Scope of Graphic Designing in India

For artistic minds with creative ideas pouring out, graphic designing is the best career choice. If you’re an artist, then a graphic designing job would be a cakewalk where you get the opportunity to make innovations.

The present generation is prompt in everything they do. With massive online competitors seizing visitors’ attention has become the prime choice. Hence companies depend on attention-grabbing graphics to lure the attention of customers. Graphic designers take responsibility and immerse themselves in designing for companies. These graphic designers amalgamate technology and art for expressing ideas and graphically portray them. Before running through the scope of graphic designing in India, let us know the basics.

What is graphic designing?

The designing of art in websites, logos, and electronic media such as television, graphics, and prints are handled by graphic designers. The movies you watch, advertisements you see, websites you browse through, and logos and packaging designers on products are all designed by artistic graphic designers.

Graphic designers usually use software or their hand to create visual designs and concepts to seize customers’ attention. These graphic designers are responsible for developing the overall production and layout design for brochures, advertisements, magazines, and official reports.

What does a graphic designer do?

By opting for a graphic designing career, the aspirant is open to a wide range of opportunities. Graphic designers do the following

  • Graphic designers discuss with the clients to know the aim of the project.
  • Strategies are discussed with clients to acquire more customers.
  • A meeting with the client helps them bring out the design for business or products.
  • Developing graphics for logos, illustrations, and websites.
  • Choosing the appropriate colors, text, logos, layout, and images for the website.
  • Presenting the developed design to the customer or client.
  • Making changes as per the client’s requirements, if any, and designing the final design.
  • A complete check of the design and logo for any mistakes before publishing.

There are broad and diverse options for creative aspirants by choosing a career as a graphic designer. By gaining experience and adequate knowledge, creative enthusiasts have the opportunity to gain leadership roles in big industrial and advertising companies. Hence, opting for a career in graphic designing opens doors for endless opportunities.

Graphic designing growth

Statistics reveal that the graphic designer’s sector is estimated to grow three percent from 2020 to 2030. It is also astonishing that 23900 jobs are available each year for graphic designers. The growth and demand for graphic designing are escalating with state-of-the-art technologies. 3D technology, VFX, animation, advertising agencies, web designing, and other new developments stand as a critical reason for the growth of the graphic designing domain.

The sophistication of technology is another prime reason for digitized work in graphic designing. A good example is the gaming industry which solely depends on VFX, animation, and graphic designing for a tremendous gaming experience.

There is high demand for the design industry, which has led to whopping growth of the graphic industry in 2020 of INR 188.32 billion and is estimated to increase 5% every year. The design sector’s job opportunities offer limitless opportunities for creative and certified individuals.

Graphic designing scope in future

The growth for digital and visual content is enhancing day by day, leading to high demand for graphic designers. The world is taking a stride towards digitalization each day with visually appealing ads as they portray tons of ideas to visitors. The department of Labor and statistics opens up that graphic designing is one of the highest paying jobs worldwide.

The state-of-the-art technology has made graphic designing the most electrifying and exciting job for today’s generation. Young professionals with clever, creative minds and has a flair for amalgamating them with images and words have a bright future in graphic designing.

The scope for graphic designers in India is excellent in all sectors. Every small and big company makes visual brands for its products and services. The above lets for demand for talented graphic designers. Moreover, with knowledge of the latest graphic software and certification from recognized centers, graphic designers get roles in top companies.

Careers in graphic designing

Careers in graphic designing are unlimited, with a wide range of web designing companies in India. Graphic design has become an important marketing tool today, making it a vital role in every industry. Few career options in graphic designing are

  • Art directors
  • Desktop publishers
  • Industrial designers
  • Web developers
  • Craft and fine artists
  • Animators
  • Drafters
  • technical writers

With good skills in imaging, creativity, and design, graphic designers are most wanted for Logo designing, image designing, animations, 3D design, business tool design, brand videos, leaflet and brochure designs, and more.

Salaries for graphic designing in India

Sneaking a peek into the salaries fresher as a graphic designer earns four to five lakhs per annum. The salary varied with experience, location, job role, and skill set. By acquiring the above criteria, graphic designers earn about seven lakh per annum. The growth and salary escalate by working with various media, print publications, and websites.

Future of graphic designing

The future of graphic designing is clear and bright as the demand for creative developers keeps rising. Businesses are hunting for unique, talented graphic designers who can bring out the best about the product or service and grab the attention of all customers. Hence, job opportunities as graphic designers are vast and considered a bright career path.

Who mandates a graphic designing course?

Candidates mandate a 10, +2 certification of any stream to pursue a graphic designing course. Graphic designing courses are available at diploma or degree level from recognized universities. If candidates possess a bachelor’s degree in design, they can opt for PG graphic design that adds merit to their career. Getting certified as a graphic designer from the best universities or colleges adds credit to career opportunities.


It is evident that the opportunities for a graphic designer are growing immensely, and jobs are limitless. Ambitious graphic designers should update their skills and get certified as graphic designers for top opportunities. Pursue the course and get recruited in top companies as graphic designers quickly.

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