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Monday , 17 June 2024

Scope of UI/UX designer in India

Do you know that the most budding career of today is UI/UX designing? We all know the copious businesses line up each day. Companies mandate to stay ahead of the competition for better business profit. The best design and user experience offer them the edge for achieving the above. With proficient UI/UX designers, user-friendly websites and apps are developed that satisfy users’ requirements. Before we discuss the scope of UI/UX designers, let us understand the roles and responsibilities of UI/UX designers.

Who is a UI/UX designer?

UI and UX are abbreviated as user interface and user experience, respectively. User experience is vital as they are responsible for creating a user-friendly experience as customers interact or operate a coffee machine or a website. A UI/UX team works and makes the product user-friendly for any app or digital product.

The UI/UX designers are responsible for designing interactive, visually appealing, easy-to-understand, and pleasing services for apps and websites. A good UI is vital for UX or user experience. UI designers are skilled and experts in developing touchpoints and screens the customers utilize in a digital product.

From typography, color, imagery, buttons to spacing, every aspect is designed by UI designers for a better UX experience. These designers research how the human mind works and create the best design that helps the user use the product better. The UI/UX hence plays a crucial role in business.

What does a UI/UX designer do?

The UI/UX designers follow a few protocols as given below.

  • They cater to the look and feel of the product through customer analysis, branding, user guidelines, guides, and designer research.
  • They go for a User researcher.
  • Consider the responsiveness and interaction of the service or product to all screen sizes. Try animations and execute prototypes and development.
  • The designers get involved in Usability testing.
  • Develop Wireframes
  • Content strategist
  • Iteration
  • Works on Information architecture

The latest technology has adopted millions of apps and websites, which has led to UI/UX designers standing as a budding career path.

UI/UX designer growth

Graduates and professionals desiring to pursue a career in UI/UX designing and anticipate knowing its growth need not worry as the field has tremendous growth. We dwell in a digital world with many businesses having their own app/website or digital product. These apps and websites portray the brand of the product or service, and hence an attractive and strong brand connects with the customers easily.

Therefore, UI/UX designers are in high demand by top companies. Every year UI designer is tagged as the most important demanded job. LinkedIn has also presented UI designer as the most demanded profession amongst its top fifteen job roles. As the world widely relies on digital services and products for everyday life, the hike for UI/UX designers never ceases.

UI/UX designer scope in future

An exciting career path is waiting for aspirants to choose UI/UX designing as their career. Plentiful businesses in the marketplace are waiting to top the competitive market with marvelous design and tremendous user interface.

UI/UX designers hence play an incredible role in helping businesses climb the ladder and reach the competition’s top. The skill-oriented sector offers designers a great career scope and copious responsibilities. What you got is correct. The future of UI/UX designers with appropriate vigor, potential, creativity, and detail indeed lead a better lifestyle.

Freelancing is another option for proficient UI/UX designers as earning laurels from home is a better choice. Giant companies recruit talented UI/UX designers, and hence the career scope is bright.

Careers in UI/UX designing

An incredible career choice is waiting for UI/UX designers as the field is multi-disciplinary. Few job roles for UI/UX talents are

  • Visual design: Here, the designers concentrate on the layout and look of the product. The job role is further subdivided into other roles such as digital designer, visual designer, UI artist, and UI designer.
  • UI/UX design: The UI/UX designers take the responsibility of developing a blueprint of the complete process. The job role is subdivided into Interaction designer, experience designer, and information architect.
  • Coding: The skilled and proficient professionals bring the design to life with the assistance of codes. Few job titles which take care of coding are UI/UX developer, UI/UX engineer, and product designer.
  • Research and usability: For creating designs appropriate to the target audience, research and usability are conducted. A few job roles under this section include usability specialist, analyst, engineer, researcher, and UX researcher.
  • UI/UX writing: The words we hear and see while using the digital product fall under UI/UX writing. The writing role is crucial as it offers the overall experience of the website’s navigability and interaction with the product.

Salaries for UI/UX designers in India

UI/UX designers earn attractive packages after stepping into their careers. Tech giants like Cognizant, Infosys, TCS, etc., pay INR 7 lakhs per annum, and the pay range goes up to INR 12 lakhs with experience and job role. Based on the location, skill set, and experience, UI/UX designers in India get a pay scale of INR 8.74 lakhs per annum.

Future of UI/UX

Products and services are transforming into a digital version, and hence UI/UX designers are solely responsible for better shaping and presentation of products. The future for UI/UX designers will hit the jackpot as the world is turning to digitalization. The demand for UI/UX developers will be high and proficient designers with proper certification have chances to bag jobs in top companies.

Who mandates a UI/UX Course?

The UI/UX designer’s courses are available as UG and PG courses in top universities and colleges. To enroll for the above course, candidates must complete 10+2 from a recognized school with arts, science, or commerce stream.


You can notice that UI/UX designer is a fascinating career path that nurtures your creative mind. Creative individuals are sure to come out with flying colors by opting for UI/UX designer careers. The aspirants have to conduct research and find a recognized institute to pursue UI/UX courses. Choose a career and get an attractive package in the IT sector.

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