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Monday , 17 June 2024

Scope of Digital Marketing in India

Are you planning to choose a career in digital marketing and wish to know the scope of digital marketing? You have clicked and landed on the right page. By diving into the scope of digital marketing, job seekers understand the nature, growth, future, job scope of digital marketing in India. Before digging into the scope of digital marketing, let us understand the importance of digital marketing and the necessity for businesses to incorporate it.

What is digital marketing?

We live in a digital generation, where customers purchase all their necessities online through various platforms such as social media, video channels, search engines, blogs, the internet, applications, and more. Digital marketing is promoting services and products online. The marketing concept online covers a broad range of strategies and methods.

With affordable smartphones and the internet, people predominantly access online shopping. Hence, companies connect with customers by developing brand awareness and selling services and products at pocket-friendly rates.

What does a digital marketer do?

A digital marketer in any business is in authority for seizing customers’ attention by enhancing brand awareness of any product or service. The above act leads to better traffic for the business’s website.

There are plenty of job roles and digital marketing channels such as email marketing, social media, content, digital marketing, and more to attract customers. There are special strategies and objectives for every digital channel to work and follow.

Digital marketing growth

There has been a bombarding boost in digital marketing in 2021. Statistics from times of India reveal that Indians spend nearly 4.3 hours online, and the pandemic has triggered digital adoption. It is true that digital marketing has eased the lives of individuals and boosted the scope higher. India is a country that has the largest internet users as a population.

Research shows that in 2025, India will have about 974.86 billion online users. Such double-digit growth predicts that digital marketing will have tremendous growth in the coming years. Digital marketing owes a growth of $68 billion and is expected to witness a 40% growth in the coming years.

Digital marketing scope in future

India is among the top companies that welcome new technologies with open arms and hold the top market position. The usage of digital means has escalated after the advent of the latest technologies. Analysts, after intense research, disclose that by 2025, India’s GDP would hike to US$ 1 trillion. The above shreds evidence about the demand for digital marketing in India.

Digital marketing is a way of doing business and has sprouted out as the quickest mode of marketing and promotion that covers a broad audience. A wide range of companies invests in digital marketing activities in all sectors. Research from business insider opens up that in 2022, India’s digital economy will touch $1 trillion.

Careers in digital marketing

As digital marketing skyrockets, companies are looking for experts and professionals in digital marketing. With new trends in marketing with technology, companies are looking for experts in technology and digital marketing for boosting business online. Thus digital marketing runs in high demand.

By choosing a digital marketing course, the individual is assured to come out with flying colors in their career. Moreover, a proficient digital marketer is highly demanded in top companies with high packages. According to the Goldman Sachs report, the Indian internet industry with digital marketing career scope would hit $160 billion in 2025. Do you know this is thrice the present value? Since all companies are lining up for digital marketing trends, the career path in digital marketing is immense.

While considering job scope, social media marketing stands out from the rest. Facebook in India has about 320 million active users where the count exceeds the US, making India the largest user base for FB.

The career path in the digital marketing niche offers ample job roles such as SEO executive, digital marketing executive, digital marketing intern, social media specialist, link building specialist, web analyst, Google Ad specialist, online reputation executive, email marketing specialist, content marketing executive and more.

Salaries for digital marketing professionals in India

Digital marketing experts in India obtain an attractive pay scale of 4 00,000 per annum. However, freshers and beginners gain about 1, 00,000 to 3 00,000 per annum. With intense technical skills, and expertise the salary for digital marketers hikes from 25% to 75%. Certifications and skillsets upgrades take the enthusiasts to a higher level in the domain, fetching the most attractive package.

Future of digital marketing

Digital marketing stands out as the best trend for the future. Mobiles rule almost all individuals, and hence incorporating new ideas for digital marketing to entice customers proves fruitful. The advancement in technology such as artificial intelligence plays a predominant role in digital marketing by grabbing customers’ attention.

Voice search is yet another innovatory that has made things easy for customers fuelling the digital marketing domain. The future of digital marketing is showing an incredible success rate making it the best niche for job seekers and freshers to choose.

Who mandates a digital marketing course?

Digital marketing is a creative and interesting industry offering several job roles according to the individual’s interest. Fresh job hunters, professionals, graduates are eligible for digital marketing jobs. A bachelor’s degree in marketing, analytics, or associated niche would be an added advantage to enter the digital marketing domain.

Certification in digital marketing course adds more merit for recruitment. However, the job role mandates enthusiastic, creative, patient, and unique individuals to run the job role successfully.


Without a doubt, the scope of digital marketing is at the top and keeps enhancing with digitalization. There is demand for skilled digital marketers, and hence choosing a career in digital marketing would fetch you ample benefits.
A certification course on digital marketing works wonders as they educate the latest trends and industry happenings in the course. About 50% of students landed good, high-paying digital marketing jobs after pursuing a certification course. Pick a digital marketing course and fly higher in your career.

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